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This past year has been an exciting year! In line with our rapid growth and our continual 70% repeat-customer rate we have added new, innovative, filler-free products to our line and replaced all of our ingredients with Certified Organic & Kosher ingredients, as available. We also do not use ingredients in the form of nanoparticles, given the unknown factors and current controversy in regard to this type of derivative. Until the FDA completes it’s current studies and the scientific community can come to some general consensus on the potential consequences of using nanomaterials for skin application, we have decided not to use them. If you use a ‘natural’ based sunscreen [zinc/titanium, etc] and it doesn’t make your skin look white, it most likely contains nanomaterials: check the label for the word “micro.!"

In our continual effort to remain ahead of the curve and utilize the newest technology and published medical studies we have Upgraded our Vitamin C topical, Pure C Serum, to be completely Filler-free! Additionally, we have supplemented, and improved upon our most popular product, our Intense Gel R-ALA, to include the revolutionary new Kosher Vitamin E, Tocomin®, called the “Vitamin E of the 21st century,” because it is the only true full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex with the highest ratio of alpha-, beta-, gamma, and delta-tocotrienols, available. Additionally, the IG R-ala now  include Manuka Honey, Organic Cranberry extract, and a paraben-free preservative.

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