Ultima Thule Pack

This Product Pack is a 15%+ discount over checking out each of the items in this pack, individually. It is geared towards our repeat-customers who know what they like and don't want to go through the rigmarole of checking-out each product individually. We do not allow refunds on this discounted pack -it is for our repeat customers. 

It includes:
• 2oz Intense Gel R-ALA
• Pure Vitamin Therapy [2 oz]
• 1/2 oz Intense Mini-Peel [a choice of 30% Glycolic acid, 40% lactic acid, or 5% salicylic acid]

Be sure to email us your Intense Mini-Peel choice when you pay. You only need to do this one time: all future orders will default to your last selection, unless you email us indicating, otherwise.

Intense Gel R-ALA, Pure Vitamin Therapy & Intense Mini-Peel
(a $108.50 value!)

Intense GelIntense Gel R-ALA

Upgraded! Now with Resveratrol! Our Intense Gel, IG R-ALA, is a super-potent treatment that uses Natural Alpha Lipoic pH 2.3 Acid. Additionally it uses Certified Organic Jojoba and Manuka Honey. This is best for those who are seeking an effective anti-aging, red-mark reducer and complexion-enhancing product. Note: this is an anti-aging product that will help eradicate red-marks: it is not an acne treatment, and will not eliminate active acne.

Tocomin® is a registered trademark of Carotech Inc and protected by US Patent No.5,157,132 and other pending patentsTocominLogo

Intense Gel R-ALA 1oz. $39.00

Intense Gel R-ALA 2oz. $62.00

Pure C Serum
Pure C Serum

This intense Vitamin C treatment is simply the most effective Vitamin C product on the market, in addition to being the only one where you are assured of the products freshness, stability, and thus, effectiveness. Our packaging allows each customer to easily create a fresh intensive treatment of Vitamin C by adding the Pure Vitamin C to the pre-mix base, ensuring a fresh, stable, and thus effective Vitamin C treatment. Vitamin C has many stability problems in aqueous solution. When people buy premixed Vitamin C products via retail, they can not be sure when it was mixed and whether it is oxidized and ineffective. Our custom packing contains fresh Vitamin C [L-ascorbic-acid] in a stable powder form in a sealed test tube, along with a 1/2 oz premix base of Vitamin E, and ferulic acid. Once combined a highly effective and fresh 16% Vitamin C treatment is created within an optimal acidic pH range of between 2.7-2.9. Vitamin E in the form of Tocomin® adds a powerful combination. Tocomin® has been called The Vitamin E of the 21st Century: it is 40+ times more potent then normal alpha-tocopherol. Vitamin E – Tocomin® is a full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex with the highest ratio of alpha-, beta-, gamma, and delta-tocotrienols. This unique combination of phytonutrients in natural proportion and their synergistics effects may ultimately confer the many beneficial health effects associated with tocotrienols. This Super Vitamin E helps to protect against harmful UV rays, helps to assist in the prevention of oxidation stress and skin aging. Tocomin® is the only tocotrienol source approved by the CTFA with INCI Names. Ferulic acid not only provides the ascorbic greater protection from oxidation (hence extended shelf life), but also has been documented to boost sun protection up to 8 fold and thus, ensures added protection against photoaging and skin cancer (Ferulic acid is also approved as a UV filter in Japan). Ferulic acid is the predominant active in polypodium leucotomos, the main ingredient in oral sun protection pills on the market. Our Pure C Serum is suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. It is a light-weight, fast-absorbing treatment you use once or twice, daily.

Tocomin® is a registered trademark of Carotech Inc and protected by US Patent No.5,157,132 and other pending patents Tocomin® is a registered trademark of Carotech Inc and protected by US Patent No.5,157,132 and other pending patents

Pure C Serum $34.00

Pure Vitamin Therapy

Pure Vitamin Therapy

Our reformulated Pure Vitamin Therapy now contains 73% Organic Certified ingredients, no animal-products and is now paraben-free. It contains a Potent anti-aging nutrient mix including Certified Organic Aloe, Shea Butter, idebenone, Vitamins A, B5, D & E, coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid & DMAE. Idebenone is thought to be the most revolutionary new topical antioxidant to date and has been found to effectively combat the signs of aging with the ability to protect cells and inhibit inflammation. Pure Vitamin Therapy crème will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as reduce skin roughness and dryness. Containing idebenone at 0.1% will allow those many who have sensitive skin, or cannot tolerate higher levels of Idebenone without sever irritation, to safely reap the benefits associated with this new break-through ingredient while super-moisturizing the skin. This is simply the most high-quality moisturizing crème available on the market.

Pure Vitamin Therapy 2 oz. $28.00

Intense Mini-Peel
*30% Glycolic AcidIMP 30

Our Intense Mini-Peel 30% Glycolic acid will dramatically smooth and even out your skin tone within the first few applications. This 30% Glycolic level strength with a pH of 2.3 provides the safest method of at-home high exfoliations while avoiding the problems of redness and peeling associated with higher levels of glycolic acid. There will be a dramatic reduction in pore size and an evening of skin tone with continual use. It is great for those whose skin has large pores, or is dry and mature due to overexposure in the sun. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are acids, derived from plants and fruits. AHAs work by stimulating new growth of skin and collagen by decreasing the bond that holds dead skin cells on the surface. This gradual process allows for dead cells to be removed, leaving behind a layer of smoother and softer skin, while unclogging pores and thus decreasing the ability of bacteria to grow. Note: our Intense Mini-Peel uses Witch Hazel, instead of SD alcohol [which is found in most GA products] because it is derived from natural sources.

IMP Glycolic 30% 1/2 oz. $18.50

IMP 40Intense Mini-Peel
*40% Lactic Acid

This 40% Lactic Acid peel is an effective peel, yet milder on the skin then our other two Mini-Peels. Lactic Acid comes from sour milk and is best for those who are under 35 years of age, those with sensitive skin, those prone to break-outs, or those who want to try a chemical peel for the first time. It has a pH of 2.2 with a large molecule size, thus, there will be no redness or irritation which can occur with some glycolic peels. It rapidly exfoliates without irritation. Lactic Acid is not only a superior exfoliator, but may be one of the best treatments for hyper-pigmentation. Lactic Acid occurs naturally in the skin and is a primary component of the skin's natural moisturizing factor. The use of Lactic Acid will help stimulate and speed cell turnover, thereby producing more vibrant and younger-looking skin. The top layer of skin will be thinned by the exfoliation of dead cells, but in the deeper layers of skin, new collagen will be stimulated and the skin will actually become thicker, tighter and more firm.

IMPL 1/2 oz. $18.50

IMP 5Intense Mini-Peel
*5% Salicylic Acid

Our 5% Salicylic Acid Mini-Peel is most often used by those dealing with acne-prone skin. This Intense Mini-Peel will exfoliate the skin, rapidly, and thus your skin will in fact peel within a few days of use. It is an effective pore-cleanser and anti-inflammatory agent that is able to penetrate the oils that blocks the pores, making it well suited for those with acne or Rosacea. BHA has the ability to penetrate into the pore (AHAs do not), and thus can exfoliate inside the pore as well on the surface of the skin; that makes it effective for reducing blemishes,including blackheads and whiteheads. pH 2.5

IMPS 1/2 oz. $18.50




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